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Nathan Hunter Musson wrote on September 6, 2013:
Fantastic work. I am a tool maker and appreciate craftsmanship when I see it. Your work is really really good. It's really nice to see some thing that's different and so god damn good.
Natasha wrote on May 2, 2013:
Very proud of my clever dad!
John Selby wrote on November 30, 2012:
David, I am finding your third book Two Engineers Francis Thompson & Richard Trevithick a fascinating read-thank you.
Les Gardner wrote on November 30, 2012:
Although I now live in Scotland, as a Potteries lad by birth I found your book "In my lifetime" an absolutely fascinating read.I was able to relate to so many of the places referred to, and it's clear that you have been blessed with a lifetime of curiosity which has evolved into a career and full time hobby. Thank you for the book, it was my privilege to read it.
Sharon Hamilton wrote on November 30, 2012:
A real credit to your expertise and dedication to detail and accuracy. I am truly amazed at the work and research entailed in the making of each of these engines. Sharon from St Fagans museum
Paul Webley wrote on November 30, 2012:
Fascinating work! As a lecturer in Thermodynamics, I have long wanted to construct a model Newcomen Engine by way of demonstration to the class. However, given your long and tireless effort in doing this (successfully) I wonder whether I am biting off more than I can chew. I would be grateful for any hints you can give me in this endeavour.
Robert C Podhany wrote on November 30, 2012:
The most fasinating history i've ever seen on engines! The models are truly superb. Thank you so much for sharing your skill and knowledge
John Child wrote on November 30, 2012:
Superb work! I am fascinated by non-rotative beam engines (I am currently constructing a 1:24 scale model of a Cornish waterworks pump. I enjoyed reading your book very much.
Chris Miller wrote on November 30, 2012:
Congratulations from Hill House-home built by Francis Thompson
Keith Crabtree wrote on November 30, 2012:
Nice to see someone able to recreate the engines of yesteryear that became the forrunners of the industrial revolution. The models are a miniature masterpiece. Keep up the good work.
Anibal Vignolo wrote on November 27, 2012:
Dear David, Thanks a lot for your email and congratulations on your new website, which I find amazing!!I will soon contact you for purchasing. Best wishes, Anibal (Argentina)
Andrew Wood wrote on November 24, 2012:
Many thanks for your excellant talk last Wednesday at the Stoke on Trent Association of Engineers. Very interesting.
Dave Rowlands wrote on November 23, 2012:
David. Your latest book-"In My Lifetime"- was a great read. I very much enjoyed learning about your exploits over the years. Very interesting and informative. What a lifetime!
Jason wrote on October 29, 2012:
I enjoyed talking to you about your latest engine at the model engineering exhibition on Sunday, look forward to see it`s progress. I look forward to reading your book too. Jason
P.J Rourke wrote on May 2, 2012:
I saw some of your models at the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition a few weeks ago and they are truly amazing. What a wonderful legacy to leave the world of engineering, "just from a hobby" Greatly appreciated